Sunday, 23 August 2009

Big Band make a Big Impression

Hull University Big Band
Edinburgh Fringe Festival 09
City Nightclub

Hull University Big Band have played at the Fringe for six years, and judging by their current success, continue to grow in popularity.

For the last three years at least H.U. Big Band have certainly upped the game, increasing audience and refining band talent, which produced a very entertaining gig indeed on Saturday August 15th. The musicians were full of energy and enthusiasm, and most were quite often ‘bopping along’ to the infectious tunes. All soloists impressed the audience with their ability, particularly drummer Dan England and sax player Matthew Newby. Both singers (Alex Haigh and Gemma Cross) were on top form - the rendition of ‘Bad, bad, Leroy Brown’ certainly had the crowd going. The set of famous favourites went down tremendously well, including old time classics like ‘In The Mood’ and ‘The Chicken’. The cheesy-yet-enjoyable highlight of the evening occurred in the pen-ultimate performance; during the sparkling rendition of ‘New York, New York’, the glitter disco ball was brilliantly lit right at the last chorus for a timeless big finish.

Congratulations to all involved, Hull University Big Band should be able to enjoy many more years service in the Fringe Festival if this particular ‘Swing in the City’ Gig is anything to go by.

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