Monday, 20 April 2009

ISA Almost Culture Night

International Students Association
Hull University
April 2009

The I.S.A Culture Night 2009 was very much like the I.S.A Culture Night of 2008, and 2007, and one might suspect, every other I.S.A Culture Night to have taken place in the University. It seems, however, to be this odd combination of ‘samey-ness’ and Eurovision that fills the Middleton Hall year after year, and so it must posses some positive attraction.

The night was filled with performances from various University Societies, showcasing their cultural talents. Starting with a tediously long sketch from the National Hindu Students Forum and climaxing with the ever colourful Malaysian Society, the show and performers varied in talent and ability from the strangely compelling to the downright confusing, but the audience seemed to thrive, enjoying every moment; newcomers ‘The Melting Pot’ seemed to be a particular hit. Though as a body the audience may not have entirely understood everything, heckles and ‘hilarious’ in-jokes crowded the auditorium, and despite the rather hectic atmosphere it seems to have been a successful night.

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